In the Beef Cattle Industry Spaying Heifers since 1976

The most important aspect of his work is the friendships and relationships. Dr. Meyer has built over the years with people in the beef cattle industry and the veterinary profession.

“During the December through May, early June spaying season the hard physical work, long hours and driving, and a very full schedule can wear a person down but I feel I’m a very lucky person to be able to do what I do and be around all the good people I get to work with every year. I’ve had the privilege to learn from a lot of very good cattle people in many different parts of the western U.S. and for that I am very thankful.”

Dr. Meyer was raised on a livestock/farming operation in the panhandle of Nebraska, attended the University of Nebraska, Colorado State University and graduated with a DVM degree from the University of Missouri. Dr. Meyer spayed his first heifer in 1976 during an internship in west central Nebraska and has been spaying heifers ever since and began spaying heifers vaginally in 1983. He found this spaying procedure to be much less stressful for the heifers versus the old flank spaying method. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance and one member of the crew at each ranch where Dr. Meyer spays heifers is assigned the duty of disinfecting the heifer during the spaying procedure. The importance of this disinfecting cannot be overemphasized and is the key to preventing post-surgery infection. 

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Dr. Meyer had a general practice in Nebraska for eleven years during which he also started performing private contract research studies for pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Meyer continued providing pre-approval research services until 1998 when his practice began to concentrate only on heifer spaying and pregnancy checking. Dr. Meyer spays tens of thousands of heifers each year in several western states.